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Equipment features:
鈼?Servo motor, servo controller, rotary encoder, PLC, touch screen, frequency converter, temperature control module, digital-to-analog conversion module and other core components are selected brand parts to achieve accurate temperature control, easy speed regulation and high precision
鈼?With two-way tracking, positioning and parking functions, anti-aircraft bag design, can minimize the waste of packaging materials
鈼?The equipment can choose ordinary motor and three servo motor;
鈼?The servo motor is used to replace the ordinary motor. Through PLC control and touch screen setting operation, precise marking and precise cutting can be achieved.
鈼?The three servo motor control system can make the mechanical transmission mechanism of the whole equipment much simpler and the transmission noise less. The whole equipment no longer exists the mutual mechanical link between the three main parts (feeding mechanism, film feeding mechanism and horizontal sealing mechanism), but the invisible connection between the electrical data.
鈼?Thus reduce mechanical transmission error, reduce mechanical transmission wear, reduce the production of equipment maintenance.
鈼?The data transmission between the servo system is using optical fiber transmission, so as to ensure that the data is not interfered, so as to ensure that the data is not interfered, and the interference of other components, today can ensure the speed and accuracy of data transmission.
鈼?The length of the boot bag is controllable, which can realize accurate tracking and high cutting precision
鈼?Simple operation, can realize automatic fault judgment, automatic recognition, automatic prompt;
鈼?Less fault, low noise, less transmission error and so on
鈼?Can be designed for the manufacturer's humid, corrosion-prone production environment with corrosion, rust, durable equipment
鈼?Complete program function, can be manual feeding, can also support automatic sorting mechanism, and different industries to achieve on-line synchronous function of the production line
Techinical Parameter:
Sealing typeBacking sealing (Pillow)
Voltage220V, 50/60Hz
Packing capacity30-230 bags/min (depends on product)
Bag height<=90mm
Bag width30-110mm50-160m50 - 210mm200-280mm
Bag length65-190mm
Film size(Max)250mm350mm450mm600mm
ControlTouch Screen
Machine materialCarbon Steel / Stainless Steel
WeightAbout 600kgAbout 700kgAbout 800kgAbout 1000kg
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