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Raised garden beds corrugated iron
Corrugated sheet garden grow bed for flowers
Allows you to easily and successfully build and yield a beautiful garden without tools,which helps to save unnecessary labor.The planter is made out of pre-galvanized powder-coated steel making it can withstand extreme weather and can last for many years to come .This product is lightweight and portable, so it can be moved to all kinds of locations. Set the open bottomed frame on any level outdoor space, add soil and plants or seeds, and begin growing the garden of your dreams!
Product Details
0.31mm color coated steel wall
4pcs of panels
Rectangle shape
Open at bottom
脴 Portable package with one carton box.
脴 Special carton package for mail order with standard dimension and weight.
脴 Professional packing line,increase packing effection and at the same time,guarantee package quality.
脴 With thick poam inside to support and protect the panels.
脴 Add strong and exquisite plastic kits onto the four corners of panels,avoiding scratch.
脴 Seal the two end of box with some plastic adhesive,make sure no part in it won鈥檛 be missed.
脴 We can accept LCL,while FCL with container.
脴 GW.:6KG
鈼?Low beds require less soil to fill
鈼?Narrow beds are ideal for larger plants such as tomatoes, peppers or blueberries or raspberries planted in a single row
鈼?Light weight and easy to assemble
鈼?Assembly takes about 5 minutes per bed
鈼?More stable than wood or plastic alternatives and will not warp, slit, rot or crack
鈼?Classic appearance and durability of galvanized metal for long-lasting beauty and utility
鈼?Low-to-no maintenance required
鈼?Exposed edges are folded for safety
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