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The Caharbor Seafood Company was established in 1971, located in the unspoiled seaside village of Xiangzhi Bay. On the basis of a broker selling local fresh seafood, we have already grown into an industry-leading international seafood importer and exporter company in recent years with tremendous efforts from generations of staff.
With rich experience as a fisherman, the founder of the company, Quan, planned to process frozen seafood and became a successful and respected marine food handler. Today, we outgrew its original location for the extraordinary manufacture quality and excellent customer service. But we still keep searching various and cost-effective products all over China in order to satisfy every customer. Now our marine products have already spread across Hainan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Zhejiang, Shandong, Dalian and other coastal areas.
Deliver Chinese seafood to your table!
In addition to specializing in a variety of fish (mackerel, sardine, tuna, round scad, skipjack...), we have been constantly expanding our frozen seafood series including dried seafood, shellfish (scallops, abalone, clam...), cephalopod (illex squid, giant squid, octopus鈥? and value added items to ensure all our customers could enjoy the premium marine food.Caharbor products have been widely used in different cuisines, such as fish rice, barbecue, Chinese restaurant, Western food, snacks, etc.
Your Best Fresh Choice!
Caharbor is rooted in the Southeast Asian market and it is our honors to serve different customers from Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, the Philippines, Malaysia, Japan, Africa, Russia, Europe, etc. Our company has obtained HACCP, FDA, ISO9001, ISO22000, SGS, CQC and other certificates. Over the past few years, our service and product quality have been recognized by customers.
We, Caharbor Seafood Company, firmly believe that with sincerity and reliability, we will strive to purchase and deliver the best quality seafood through the most effective and safe methods, and consistently provide excellent services to our customers and supplier partners.
鈼?Production Equipment
20000 MTS of cold storage at -20鈩? Automatic screening equipment, Double spiral single freezing device, Efficient ice coating machine and secondary freezing device, 10 screw freezing rooms, High standard water treatment system and microbiological testing laboratory.
From fishing to frozen, our in-process quality control personnel will follow and supervise the whole process, and distinguish the quality of the product by looking, touching, smelling, cutting, testing and so on.
Details: randomly check 2-3 boxes of goods in each pallet, record the data (grams, bars, weights, thawed quality, etc.) and send photos to customers. -20鈩?cold chain transportation is applied to ensure that the product will reach the final destination in the best condition.
Our supporting documents department will draw up a set of draft copies for the customer to confirm, then sign the original copies quickly, and scan them to the customer's mailbox before mailing. We will keep following up and reminding the customer of ETA to get ready to pick up the product without wasting the unnecessary cost and time at the port.
In particular, we welcome suggestions and advice on future service as well as the administration and management of Caharbor. Your participation is critical to our success.
Caharbor has always been adhering to the "Service first, customer foremost" philosophy so that each of our customer can enjoy exceptional service. In order to guarantee it, behind the service there is a professional team and mature service system running in the company.
With more than 15 years of experience, we can accurately understand customers' ideas and solve problems, so as to meet their requirements and provide customized products in the most cost-effective methods.
Vital to our business are the people, and we have patiently assembled a class management team. We have developed working relationships around the world, cares deeply about the environment and global sustainability.
After selecting and developing the most professional people in respective fields, we begin to plan and apply strategies to achieve high productivity. Caharbor has made cooperation one of the core values upon which our company commits to base all its relationships. For the next step, we are looking forward to more partners to join us. Team spirit, honesty and dedication are what establish Caharbor into a reliable, trustworthy and innovative company.Precooked Skipjack Loins

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