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Our Factory
Cangnan Huicai laser technology Co., Ltd. is located in the city known as the "Printing capital of China" said Longgang Xicheng Road.
Since the company has been operating for 20 years, it has constantly invested a large amount of manpower and funds to continuously innovate and improve the system and improve the production and testing equipment. It is one of the few anti-counterfeitcompanies with independent research and development, technology, system, cooperative production and sales.
Our company has developed six Engraving machines Laser, each with a resolution of 120,000.
With science and technology as a leading principle, and in the spirit of "Concentration, Expert, Profession, Attentiveness" and the business philosophy of "Attentively Creating Products with High Quality", the company will continuously be devoted to creating "Huicai" by exquisite technologies and high quality. Thanks for your support and love. We will sincerely cooperate with you for common development!
Our Product
Roll labels, variable data anti-counterfeit labels, texture anti-counterfeit trademarks, individual anti-counterfeit labels, QR code sticker, laser stickers, hot stamping foil sticker, hologram sticker, Color QR code sticker, etc.
Product Application
Different fields of 26 industries including national card anti-counterfeiting, tobacco, alcohol, medicine, beverage, food, daily chemicaletc.
Production Equipment
Automatic flat-type coding machines, automatic stamping machines, full-automatic label-detection machines, many full-automatic die-cutting machines, Engraving machinesLaser, 2D/3D Anti-fake Hologram Label

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