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HDPE Geocell
HDPE geocell parameters:
Material PropertiesUnit
Test Method
Cell Depthmm75100150200
Polymer Densityg/cm30.935-0.965ASTM D 1505
Enviromental Stress Crack ResistanceHoursé”›?00ASTM D 5397
Enviromental Stress Crack ResistanceHours6000ASTM D 1693
Carbon Black Content%é”›?.5ASTM D 1603
Nominal Sheet Thickness Before Texturingmm1.27 -5%,+10%ASTM D 5199
Nominal Sheet Thickness After Texturingmm1.52-5%,+10%ASTM D 5199
Strip Puncture ResistanceN450ASTM D 4833
Seam Peel StrengthN1065142021302840EN ISO13426-1B
Seam Efficiency%100GRI-GS13
Nominal Expanded Cell Size (width x length)mm320x287,475x508 etc
Shandong Hengtong Engineering Materials Co., Ltd. is located in China's geotechnical material production base-Tai'an, Shandong. It is a national geotechnical material production base enterprise and a member of China Geotechnical Engineering Association. It is a large-scale production base enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales, design and construction services of new geosynthetics.
Shandong Hengtong Engineering Materials Co., Ltd. mainly produces various types and specifications of filament geotextile, woven fabric, geomembrane, composite geomembrane, waterproof board, composite waterproof board, waterproof membrane, geogrid, warp-knitted composite geotextile HDPE Geotechnical engineering materials such as geocells, geonets, three-dimensional composite drainage nets, storage and drainage boards, drainage boards, tunnel waterproof boards, etc.Building Materials suppliers

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