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The Item Number is MC12050 for this Natural edible massage oil candle. The candleholder is a porcelain container, which is shaped like a min ceramic non-stick pan. The candleholder has a small handle that is slightly upward tilting, the design of the small handle not only makes the shape of the whole massage oil candle more lovely and interesting, but also makes it more convenient to pour the massage oil when the Natural edible massage oil candle melts into massage oil, even when the massage oil candle is burning, you can also pour the massage oil at anytime without worrying that the burning candle will burn your hand. Usually the holders of Natural edible massage oil candles are made in five colors: blue, white, cyan, yellow and pink. If you need other colors, we can also customize the colors according to your requirements.
Product Name:Natural edible massage oil candles
Item Number:MC12050
Material::100% natural massage oil wax
Wax Weight:130g/4.6oz/pc
Ceramic Holder:120mm*50mm (Diameter*Height). Can be customized.
Fragrance:More than 200 scents. Please check our fragrance list. Can be customized.
Packaging:Neutral safe packaging. Can be customized.
OEM/ODM Service:Yes
Natural edible massage oil candle and white massage stone with gift box.
One edible massage oil candle and one mushroom shaped massage tool make up a gift box set.
This box of massage oil candle is just for reference, which was customized by one of our customers. We can make new gift boxes according to your design.
Soy wax Massage oil candles with black and white massage stones.
Natural massage oil candles with two colors of massage tools.
Some usual candle holder colors of natural edible massage candles MC12050. Other colors can also be customized upon your request.
You can pour our massage oil candles to you hand or your body directly.
Our massage oil candles can be used on the back, shoulders, neck and face etc.
Except the eyes, our massage oil candles nearly can be used to any part of your body, including the hair.
Q: If we order 1000 pieces of the massage oil candles MC12050 (only massage candle MC12050, no massage stone and gift box), when you can ship the candles?
A: We can ship these massage oil candles to you within 20 days after receiving your payment.Wholesale Massage Candles

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