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The products transported from the upstream conveyor belt shall enter the metering conveyor belt through the imported conveyor belt neatly and evenly spaced.When the product passes the photoelectric sensor located at the front of the metering conveyor belt, the weight detection machine starts to measure the product.When the product passes through the measurement conveyor belt, the weight sensor completes the measurement of the product and displays the measurement data to the operation department.The microcomputer compares the measurement data displayed with the preset base value, upper limit and lower limit, and identifies the genuine product, overweight product and underweight product. The non-genuine product will finally be selected by sorting part, and the information of various measurement operations can be output to the statistical printer.Technical feature
1. Reinforced stainless steel frame; Comprehensive waterproof design.
2. German HBM high-precision sensor;Based on the most advanced high-speed digital signal processing technology, high-speed, stability detection.
3. Dynamic weight automatic compensation technology;Zero automatic analysis and tracking technology.
4.50 sets of product presets;Easy product editing and storage.
5. Fast product switching and automatic adjustment of the corresponding product sorting speed.
6. Convenient USB detection data replication storage function (optional).
7. Color LED touch operating system, multi-language interface, easy to operate.
8. Optional scanning system and automatic code jet machine.
Scope of application
1. Used for weight detection, upper and lower limit discrimination or weight classification and selection on various au tomatic assembly lines and logistics transmission systems;
2. Widely used in online weight detection of pharmaceutical, food, toy, hardware, daily chemical and other industries;
3. It can directly replace manual weighing to improve production efficiency, consistency and reliability of weighing.
Technical parameter
Weighing range2-300g3-500g3-1200g5-3000g10g-18kg50g-50kg50g-50kg
The smallest display0.01g0.1g0.1g0.1g0.1g0.1g0.1g
Conveyor speed5-85m/min5-85m/min5-85m/min5-50m/min5-50m/min5-30m/min5-30m/min
Sorting speed200pcs/min198pcs/min180pcs/min150pcs/min62pcs/min27pcs/min27pcs/min
Reject wayGas blowing, push lever, falling type, roller conveyor (optional)
DimensionL1040*W705*H1300mmL1050*W711*H1550mmL1150*W781*H1550mmL1460*W891*H1550mmL1602*W796*H1570mmL1604*W840*H1605mmL2100*W940*H1550mmCheck Weigher factory

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