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1.Product Craft Capacity Description

2.Product Application
Medical Board PCB Assembly(ISO13485 PCBA)
Industrial Board PCB Assembly  
Smart-home Board PCB Assembly
Consumer Board PCB Assembly
Telecommunication Board PCB Assembly
Automotive Board PCB Assembly(IATF16949 PCBA)
Security Board PCB Assembly

3.Our advantages

4.What’s BQC manufacturing productivity

5.Company introduction

6. Certificates

7. Shipping
Q: What are the characteristics of your company's products?
BQC: Our company has engaged in the PCB industry for over 15 years, we have strict quality, our quality standard is IPC-A-610F,every board will inspected by AOI. We make sure delivery Zero defect product to customer.
Q: who we are?
BQC: Shenzhen BQC Electronic Co., Ltd, has been adhering to EMS industry and dedicated to provide professional manufacturing ,OEM ODM service for electronic products to our vast domestic and overseas customers for over 15 years.China PCB Assembly Services factory

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