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Our History
Hongyang Valves has fouded in 2009, Full name is Qinhuangdao Hongyang Plastic Co., Ltd. Our management in this business since 2003, we have more than 15 years experience on plastic valves, we focus on produce the best quality valves to our client.
Our Factory
Our quality principle is Always provide 100% reliable products to clients.
Good quality (new / fresh / non-recycled) plastic resin as material only.
Hongyang is committed to continuous research and innovation supported by an expert R&D team that systematically analysis our markets to offer products that provide real solutions to specific requirement.
Our Product
Pvc ball valve, pvc industrial true union ball valve,pipe fitting, etc.
Product Application
Our products are used in irrigation, industry, swimming pools, etc.
Production Equipment
Hongyang holding relies on the keys as follows:Our own mold manufacturerThe modern injection molding machines An intelligent managing and technical teamQuality.
Production Market
Main Markets:Western Europe,United States, South Africa,Philippines.
Our Service
Our customers have direct access to an experienced technical and sales team to address any questions they may encounter regarding our products and their applications.cartridge ball valve Made in China

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