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Newsprint paper is also called newspaper, is soft and porous, has certain mechanism strength, good absorption, it is the mainly paper for newspaper and book. Newsprint paper is light and elastic, good ink receptivity and opaqueness. Newsprint paper is most used in the world. Newsprint paper machine mainly use wood pulp as raw material, so contain large lignin and other impurities, is low cost compared with other glossy magazines and sales brochures.
Technical Data of Newsprint Paper Machine:
Raw material: waster paper, wood pulp
Output paper: newspaper
Weight: 45-52gsm
Net paper width: 1092mm-5000mm
Capacity: 5-150T/D
Work speed: up tp 500m/min
Finished product
Newsprint paper could be used to make picture-story book, textbook, periodical and journal and so on.
Why Choose Us ?
(1) We ensure that our paper machines are of high quality, right mix of quality and price is what we offer to our customer;
(2) We could supply customer turn -key solution, supply whole pulping equipment section and paper machine section;
(3) Pre-sale service, supply detailed drawing and technical scheme, provide complete and professional consultation service;
(4) After-sale service, send professional installation technician to guide machine installation, and provide technical training for your workers, solve customer's worries;Culture Paper Making Machine price

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