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What is 1 animal that can see at night but blinded at day?

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Which has more tails? A. 1 Dog B. 2 Dogs C. 3 Dogs D. No Dog

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I have a mouth, no butt, two cranes and floating vessels. What am I?

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What game has a black dragon?

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You and four other people robbed a bank for 200,000,000 dollars you evenly split the money for every person you get 25% of the money how much do you get.

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What kind of personality disorder does Venterloquin have when he had a conversation with his partner? Venterloquin: partner is it you that kill my friend out of jealousy? If so , I understand forgive me partner for hanging much more time on him than to you my dear partner. Muppet: No partner, it is you who kill your friend after you caught your wife red handed while she is cheating at your back.

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