100 coins on table puzzle-3

Question: 100 coins are lying flat on a table. 10 of them are heads up and 90 are tails up.You can’t see which one is which.How can we split the coins into two piles such that there are same number of heads up in each pile?

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Answer : Make 2 piles with 10 coins and 90 coins each. Now, flip all the coins in the smaller pile.

Explanation :
Let’s consider a case
Pile 1: 88T, 2H
Pile 2: 2T, 8H

Flipping the coins in Pile 2

Pile 1: 88T, 2H
Pile 2: 2H, 8T

Pile 1(heads) = Pile 2(heads)

Source : quora

How much the distance of each tire cover? -Puzzle

A driver of a car wants to cover a total distance of 1000 KM. Apart from the 4 tires of the car, he has also in his disposal a spare tire. If he wants to use equally all the tires of the car, how much distance each tire should cover?

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Answer : 800 KM

Explanation :
Let Tire numbers be 1,2,3,4,5
1) Use Tire 1234 for 0-200 km
2) Use Tire 1235 for 2000-400 km
3) Use Tire 1254 for 4000-600 km
4) Use Tire 1534 for 6000-800 km
5) Use Tire 5234 for 8000-1,000 km

As you may have noticed, each Tire is used 4 times so total of 200×4 = 800 KM
As we can see each Tire gets to run 800 km