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Puncture a balloon with a knife without lose any air riddle

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The title of the problem tells you how to approach these four questions. (A). A bus leaves Moscow for Tula at noon. An hour later a cyclist leaves Tula for mosco, moving slower than the bus. When the bus and cyclist meet, which one of the two will be farther from Moscow? (B). Which is worth more: a pound of $10 gold peices or half a pound of $20 gold pieces? (C). At six o’clock the wall clock struck 6 times. Checking with my watch, I noticed the time between the first and last strokes was 30 seconds. How long will the clock take to strike 12 at midnight? (D). Three swallows fly outward from a point. When will they all be on the same plane in space? Now check the answers. Did you fall into any of the traps which lurk in these simple problems?

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Why are foot injuries so serious?

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