Murder or Suicide?

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Guess it is a murder or suicide? puzzle

Question: puzzle: Murder or Suicide according to picture?

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Correct Answer : Murder

Points of evidence: 
– Now Cigarette in left hand shows he is a left handed person, He can`t shot himself by right hand.
– Now he is shown written something on a paper .but the table lamp is not connected with the wall socket.
– Now he is holding a cigarette in his left hand.he should have dropped the cigarette before shooting if it is a suicide.
– Now he is shown shot in his right side of head and there is blood in the wall on the right side.
– Now if it is a suicide the impact of bullet should have caused him to fall to his left side but he is shown fall to his right side.this shows a presence of third person who caused the body to fall on the right side.

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